Commercial Insurance Should Work For Your Business

There is no one-size-fits-all business solution for General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Auto. Let our agents find an affordable solution for your business’ needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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Small businesses have never had insurance


Businesses have aging policies costing them extra


Businesses are ready for a cyber security breach

What if your business

Can’t do business?

Phil, Retail

When the humidifier in a cigar lounge exploded, it not only demolished the inventory, but also shut the store down during the repairs, leaving them with a gap in revenue.

I never thought about replacing income due to being out of business for a week. The bills don’t stop coming but our policy stepped up for us.

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Commercial Auto may be the largest line item on your policy

Bobby, Security installation Company

Vehicles and personnel come and go. If your commercial auto does not adjust with them, you are at risk.

Because HI Agency took the time to review my policy, I not only saved thousands on my new policy, but they fought to save me over $10K in retroactive premiums on policies that I had been overpaying for.

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HI Agency not only gave me the guidance through a difficult time, but made me understand the why behind my company's commercial policy.

Brandon FrakesGo Local Group, Frisco TX

Because HI Agency comprehensively reviews my policy each year, we didn’t miss a step when we needed to close our business for water damage repair.

PhilipThe Cigar Lounge, McKinney TX

A simple cyber security policy from HI Agency saved our company over $550,000 in fraudulent activity. Plus saved us from potential lawsuits, which could’ve easily reached the $1 Million mark.

RonEstablished Real Estate Agency, North Texas

It’s one thing to save money on a new insurance policy, but I never thought it would be possible to receive a reimbursement from the insurance company for over $10,000. All thanks goes out to HI Agency for looking out for my best interest.

BobbySTS360, Carrollton TX

Policies that don’t leave you if your equipment does

Brandon, Go Local Group Marketing

If you rely on equipment outside of your office location, scheduling these items should be your next decision.

The last thing you want to hear when the equipment that supports your family is stolen is it won’t be covered. Learn from Brandon’s Story.

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One of the #1 threats of our digital generation is cyber security

Large Real Estate Company

When an agent’s email address was cloned at a coffee shop, the hacker convinced the client to wire $175k overseas. That’s when the cyber security policy stepped in.

To imagine a $1,500 policy saved our clients the heartache of losing $175K, it is hard to believe what that situation could’ve been.

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