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The HI Way!

Crafting a Better You in 2019

Research shows only about 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals. We know we can provide you and your family with certain protection against material loss, but it is our sincere hope that you see us as someone who can also provide you with hope, assurance and support when you need us the most. Here are some great tips to help you be the 8 percent!

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Plan For Success

Pick a Category Of Success

Most people pick the areas of weakness each year, and do it based on guilt-stricken holiday diet failures. But think about this - what did you do well last year? What can you do even better with some effort?

Apply Future Perfect Thinking

Think of where you will be at the end of the year and think about the things you want to come true. With the predictable facts in mind, build the story you want to tell. Imagine this, at a New Year’s party to ring in 2020, someone you haven’t seen all year comes up and says “You look great! I can see you lost weight, tell me your story!”

Make Your Future SMART
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results-focused
  • Timebound

Schedule Time to Relax This Year

One of the most impactful choices you can make in your daily life is scheduling time to relax and reset. It will make you a more productive worker, more patient spouse or parent, and a safer driver. All of these result in simply being a better person. Here are a few ways to make the best of your down time this year:

It’s OK to Say No

When someone requests your time, ask yourself “Can I handle this right now?” Don’t have an answer, pass on it. Overloading your schedule will not only result in more stress, but also decrease your productivity and quality of task completion.

Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body.


You don’t have to go far to relax. Those looking for a mini-adventure in 2019, consider this perfect duo for cheap getaways. The app/website Hotel Tonight will search for the remaining hotels in the area and deliver unbelievable deals matching your hotel class desires. Need a new setting? Skiplagged is a free app that searches the web for the lowest fare flights to any airport in the country with tight schedules.

Remove Negative Habits

This is a big one. It’s as simple as following a few quick tips.

Electronic Time Out

How much time do you think you spend on your phone? You may be surprised how far off you are. The Moment App tracks your screen time, pick ups, and helps coach you to spend as little time on your phone as possible. What’s truly shocking is when they generate your personalized report based on what time was used for productivities sake.

Giving Up Smoking

Being a smoker instantly increases your life insurance rates by nearly 25%. If you’re a smoker and need some support getting off, we have the resources to help you out. Select insurance companies offer “Quit-Smoking Programs,” If you’re interested please contact us and we will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Replacing With Positive Habits

When the first productivity report was generated by my Moments app, I quickly saw I spent nearly 3 hours per week on wasted screen time. Imagine what can be done by simply replacing that time with dedicated family time, yoga, or tasks that will help me be in the 8 percent?

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Improve Overall Health

Physical Fitness

Virtually any kind of physical activity can improve your health, as long as it works your muscles harder than usual, according to the American Heart Association. When it comes to keeping your muscles in top condition, however, exercises that focus on stretching and strength training are essential. After all, if you lose muscle strength and flexibility, not only will your overall health decrease, but you could also lose the ability to easily perform basic tasks like opening jars or getting out of the car.

Mental Health

Maybe something you’ve never heard of before… float tanks are an unmatched way to release your mind and provide insight and relaxation like no other experience. It’s almost impossible to explain floating in a paragraph, but here’s a great video to visually explain what it is and what it looks like. The good thing is there are a handful of float studios in the DFW area, most offering first time floats for free.

Run/Ride Clubs

Get out and move your body while meeting new people and challenging yourself physically. Here’s a list of North Texas Ride and Run clubs to get you running or riding your bikes more often. Get out and have some fun!

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